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What Our Families Are Saying

“My son really enjoyed SportsTyme. I loved seeing the smile on his face each day when I picked him up and he told me about his day. I love that you’re focused on Christian values even though you’re not affiliated with any particular church. God loves all his children.”
-Oviedo, FL
“Our daughter loved this camp over the others this summer!”
-Lake Mary, FL
“The whole team was so professional and courteous to the kids & parents!! Always there to answer any questions!! Great program!!”

-Lake Mary, FL
“It is fun for kids to be able to do something different… being active and doing a variety of games/sports throughout the week was wonderful.”

-Winter Springs, FL
SportsTyme Testimonials
“My son loves the constant activity each day. I like that there is equal time inside and outside so that he isn’t in the sun all day. I also appreciate the Christian themes that are incorporated.”

-Oviedo, FL
“Responsible staff members. Fun activities for children. Protected environment and safety a focus. Thanks for a great experience.”

-Lake Mary, FL
“The location was great! We signed up almost 20 kids to attend camp the same week and they all had a blast! Thanks!”

-Sanford, FL
“My child got to try all the different sports and that has helped in his decision as to which sports he wants to play on a regular basis.”
-Lake Mary, FL