SportsTyme is not affiliated with any church, but our program was founded and is operated by Christian staff, promoting an environment for kids based off of fairness, respect, and caring for each other. SportsTyme was founded in 2003 and successfully serviced the local community for 9 years before expanding to other cities in Central Florida in 2012. Parents loved the setup of the camp and kids loved the variety of activities, including water day!

Our mission has always been at the forefront of all that we see and do here at SportsTyme. These 3 tenets guide our overall organization and expansion as well as day-to-day dealings with campers and parents.

1. Safe. Safety is always our top priority. We have a low camper-to-coach ratio (15 campers to 1 coach) and all coaches undergo a thorough background check and first aid/CPR training. Most of our coaches have teaching and coaching backgrounds, with many hours logged helping kids to be the best that they can be.

2. Fun! No kid would want to attend a camp that isn’t fun. Attend a single-sports camp, such as basketball or tennis, and you’ll gain skills in that one area, but boredom may come quickly and you won’t be well-rounded. With dozens of different sports and activities offered, kids will never be bored at SportsTyme. Every sport is offered every week, that way if you go out of town your youngster won’t miss his or her favorite sport. We also host both indoor and outdoor activities, making sure that kids don’t take in too much sun and heat.

3. Secure. Unlike other day camps, we don’t do field trips. Field trips introduce cost and uncertainty into a camp, neither of which are good for parents. SportsTyme is fully insured and we do thorough background checks on all of our coaches. We also provide our own sports equipment so that we know its well maintained.

If you’re ready to sign your child up for SportsTyme this summer, check out our camp information page to learn more about our 5 convenient locations fees. The all you need to do is register!