Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your refund policy? Can I switch weeks after I register?
We know plans change and life happens, so we have one of the most flexible refund policies around! If you need to cancel your registration for any reason, then notify SportsTyme by email 14+ days prior to the associated camp start date, and you will receive a refund less 10% for processing and administration fees. If you notify SportsTyme by email less than 14 days prior to the associated camp start date, you will receive a refund less 50% for late cancellation. Please keep in mind that we are unable to give refunds for camp weeks that have already begun. However, you can switch camp weeks free of charge as long as there is space left for your desired week!

Q: Do I have to pay for all my camp weeks upfront?
No. You can wait and register for camp weeks as they come. However, a camp week is not reserved until you pay for it. If a camp week sells out, you will not be able to register for it.

Q: Is lunch included?
It depends on which location you attend. Please visit our Camp Information page to view which locations offer free lunches.

Q: What sports and activities do you offer?
Tennis, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Kickball and so much more. We could not begin to list them all. SportsTyme incorporates a vast variety of sports and activities every week.

Q: Can I sign my child up for a single sport? Say Basketball?
No. Our program has been around for two decades and our staff quickly discovered that kids get bored playing the same sport every day. The average camper registers for multiple weeks at SportsTyme, so our curriculum strives to keep summers exciting by constantly mixing things up each day. A lot of our kids discover they love a sport or game they’ve never played before.

Q: What is the schedule like? Can I see it beforehand?
At the start of each week the camp director creates daily schedules that strive to incorporate many different sports and activities. Each schedule is tailored specifically for your child’s age group. This means that younger kids will not have the same list of activities as older kids. We’re adding new activities and games all the time, so we don’t have schedules available for viewing beforehand. Rest assured though, your camp director is hard at work creating daily schedules that will maximize fun.

Q: What age groups attend SportsTyme?
SportsTyme houses two camps at one location. The Junior Varsity is comprised of 5-8 year olds, and the Varsity is 9-12 year olds (9-11 in Tequesta). These main groups are further divided into smaller age groups when engaging in activities.

Q: What if my child wants to be in a different age group to be with friends?
Camp is always more fun with friends, so we encourage parents to coordinate by registering their children with at least one friend. By default, campers are placed with kids their own age, but your child can request to be placed in another group to be with a friend.

Q: Do you offer daily rates?
A: SportsTyme’s summer program is strictly a weekly program. Parents are welcome to use our services part-time, but no special daily rates are offered. Sometimes, our Spring Break and Holiday camps offer daily rates.

Q: What is SportsTyme’s camper-coach ratio?
A: Typically, no more than 15 campers are allowed per coach. If a group exceeds these numbers we usually either divide them or get help from an assistant coach. This ensures campers get the amount of attention they need to grasp the fundamentals of any given sport or activity.

Q: Who are the coaches?
A: As a part of our training program coaches are thoroughly background-checked and are required to get certifications in CPR. If you would like to learn more about the staff members at your location, as well as their qualifications, you can meet them on our Staff page.

Q: It gets hot during the summer! Won’t my kid be burnt to a crisp by the end of the day?
A: Florida summers are notoriously hot, so we have planned accordingly; each activity rotates indoors and outdoors. For example, 30 minutes spent outside playing Capture the Flag is followed by 30 minutes indoors playing Floor Hockey. Campers do not spend any more than 30 minutes at a time outdoors; even so, we recommend plenty of sunscreen.

Q: Do you take field trips?
A: Absolutely not. Field trips not only invite extra costs for you, but it takes campers away from the safety of our campus location. Parents are happy to know we stay on campus at all times.

Q: Is this camp church-affiliated?
A: SportsTyme is a Christian program, but we are not sponsored by any church or group. SportsTyme is a faith-based sports camp that serves as the foundation for our daily devotional and team-building exercises. Campers are taught the importance of honesty, humility, compassion, and good sportsmanship.

Q: Does SportsTyme have trained staff to handle special needs?
A: While SportsTyme makes every effort to make reasonable accommodations to the needs of everyone, parents should know that we do not offer specialized programs or staff for children with special needs at this time.

Q: My camper has allergies/medications. How do I inform your staff?
A: Please note that SportsTyme does not have anything resembling a nurse or healthcare professional on campus; however, we do collect medical information during the registration process. Medical information that is collected during registration is passed along to the director. Once camp starts parents need to speak to their director directly concerning any medical needs, especially if it is important. We will try our best to make reasonable accommodations.

Q: How do I give the camp my child’s emergency contact information, and how will you use it?
A: SportsTyme collects your emergency contact information during the online registration process. Our staff is instructed to use the information you provide in the event of any serious injury or illness.

Q: What is the cost of registration?
Cost of registration varies depending on how early you sign up at your location. Visit our Overview & Fees page to learn more.

Q: How can I register?
Space is limited. You can register online to secure your spot today.