Spring is in bloom, which means it’s that time of year for allergies. And if you live in Orlando, this year is one of the worst. Did you know that Orlando ranks #1 in the country for allergies? But this doesn’t mean you have to lock your kids indoors and never set foot outside. Here are some tips to help get through this season.

Do Your Research

Even though allergy season may be in full swing, the pollen count may vary based on temperature and weather. There are great websites for tracking pollen, like Pollen.com, which will provide a detailed history of pollen types for the past five days and the top three pollen culprits for the day as well. In addition, even weather sites like Accuweather will rate the types of pollen in the air. So if you know which specific types of pollen you or your children react to, you can be ready.

Be Prepared

If the pollen counts are high and you do decide to brave the great outdoors, you can still be prepared. DomesticatedMomma offers some great tips to help your kids manage with seasonal allergies. She suggests first making sure you take whatever allergy medicine is necessary prior to stepping outside. She also suggests keeping hand wash and tissue wipes on hand for those runny noses, and to help stop the spread of allergens as much as possible. Finally, she recommends using an air filter inside the house. Don’t forget that allergens can make their way into the home, so it’s important to clean your indoor air as much as possible to stop them from spreading.

Allergy season can be a hassle, but don’t let it stop you from getting outside and enjoying yourselves. As long as you do your research and make sure you’re prepared, you can be ready for the battle against mother nature!