Several decades ago, it was common for kids to spend all their free time outdoors. But now, with so many digital devices to distract, it can seem like a chore to get kids out of the house. As a parent, it can seem easier for you too since you know exactly where your kids are. However, there are many benefits to going outside including physical exercise and a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Feeling at a loss on how to get started? Here’s a few ways to motivate your family to get out of the house.

Screen Time

Many kids if they had their way would sit on their devices all the time. You don’t want to take them away completely, but you do want to foster a healthy sense of balance. That’s why scheduling and ground rules can be so important. Set a limit how much time at once they are allowed on a screen (including TV, games, and smartphone). When they reach that limit, they have to go outside to earn more. This will teach them to take a break. Remember that it’s easy to lose track of time, so whatever schedule you set, be sure to give them a 10 minute warning so they are more prepared when their time is up.

Make it a Family Affair

Do you as an adult go outside as often as you should? If you’re like most Americans, you probably spend a lot of time indoors yourself on screens as well. It’s very easy to do, especially in the hot summer. But you can lead by example. Whenever you plan outdoor activities with your kids, make sure to participate the best you can. Kids learn by example. Even something simple like throwing a frisbee or shooting some basketball can get the job done. If you are not physically able to do a lot of things, then simply being there can mean a lot. Going outside doesn’t have to mean physical activity. It can also mean simply just enjoying nature, like going to a park or the beach.

At SportsTyme, our campers spend lots of time outdoors and indoors. But they’re always doing something! Check out our FAQ page for more information.