The winter break is a great opportunity for kids to take a mental break, enjoy time with family, and regroup for the coming semester. It can also easily turn into a time of too much indulgence in food and inactivity. Here are a few ideas for fun activities that will keep kids active over the break that will keep them physically active and ready for the new year.

For younger kids, setup a garden scavenger hunt. Take photos of areas around the front and back yards and print them out. Number them, paying attention to have kids go from front to back, front to back, to have them move around the yard as much as possible. If kids are old enough to operate a digital camera, have them take photos of the areas they see, or simply just point them out to you.

Go bowling. Bowling can be fun for the whole family, no matter the weather outside or individual playing levels. Daytime weekday bowling usually comes with steep discounts, making it an easy and affordable option for a few hours of fun.

Take a hike. Mild Florida winters are a great time to be outdoors. Kids can get a healthy dose of mother nature while they’re taking a break from the classroom. Pack water and light snacks along the way or take a picnic lunch. Younger kids may easily become bored with hiking. Consider allowing them to take photos with a digital camera and turn the pictures into an album afterward or hike to a beach or park for freeplay time.

What are some activities that your kids enjoy over the winter holidays?