As school draws to a close in the next few months, your child will likely naturally become excited about summer. You can help her to become mentally prepared for summer day camp by talking about camp in the weeks leading up to summer.

If your child hasn’t had much experience being away from home with friends and extended family members, considering setting up some play dates before camp begins. Play dates with new people will give him the opportunity to practice meeting new people and being in an unfamiliar place before camp starts.

Consider looking over SportsTyme’s website with your child to familiarize her with all of the activities she’ll get to experience. This is also a great time to answer any questions she has about what camp will be like and help her feel more comfortable about the first day.

As tempting as it might be, don’t make “pick up deals” with your child. Telling him that you’ll come to pick him up if he calls sends the message that you’re not sure that he’ll be successful at camp. Every activity is then an opportunity for him to quit and go home instead of trying something new and potentially a little bit frightening. Instead, let your child know that you’re confident in his abilities to have fun, explore new things, and enjoy himself.

If your child does have any trouble coping with camp, SportsTyme coaches are always available to help. We have a 15:1 ratio of campers to coaches, ensuring that every camper gets the attention she needs to be successful at the sport and at camp.

If you have any lingering questions about how best to prepare for summer day camp in Central Florida, contact SportsTyme. Our knowledgable staff members are here to help you and your child prepare for and thrive at summer day camp.