In just a few short weeks the world will celebrate Global Running Day! This special event is aimed at promoting kids’ health and getting them outside. Running is far from the only exercise, but it’s cheap, can be done alone or in groups, and many kids run just for the enjoyment of the movement.

Running consistently, like other consistent exercise, can improve mood, focus, and sleep quality. Some fun ways to work running into a routine is to train for and complete a 5k or 10k. Not a runner yet? Perhaps the family would like to build up to a 5k. There are several “couch to 5k” apps available that will help anyone, even a couch potato, to build up to being able to run a 5k race. There are many fun and fulfilling 5k races available no matter where you live. You could participate in a fun run, color run, or a run to raise awareness, promote a cause, or raise funds for research.

The whole point of Global Running Day is just to inspire the activity and perhaps start a new, healthy habit. Don’t want to commit to an organized race? There are still lots of things you can do. Start a game of tag with the kids, get together the family for an evening jog around the lake, or take out the soccer ball and play a quick game.

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