Summer is here which means heat, heat, and more heat. Luckily there is lots of air conditioning – the greatest invention known to man. However, what happens if your air conditioning breaks? Or if you don’t have any in the first place? Here are some ways to keep your cool without AC!

Your Biggest Fan

Fans serve multiple purposes for keeping you cool in the summer. It’s a common misconception that fans just blow hot air around. You can actually make a few adjustments to get them to help with cooler air. For example, turn your ceiling fans so that the blades are running counter-clockwise. This will pull hot air up. Missing that cold AC chill? Another trick you can do is if you have a regular portable fan, put a bowl of ice in front of it. This is a way to make yourself an impromptu air-conditioning unit.

Play it Cool

Your fridge isn’t just for food, it’s also a handy tool for keeping your cool. You can stick your sheets in the freezer for a few minutes to cool them off and help you sleep better. We do recommend you put them in a plastic bag, though, first to help protect the fabric. You can also put a bottle of water in the freezer as an ice pack which can be extremely beneficial for sleeping or just getting through the hot days.

Beat the heat

Did you know electronics give off lots of heat? Make sure to unplug everything that you don’t need at night. As an added plus, it will also help cut down on electricity costs. Also related to electricity, make sure to turn off all lights. Those can emit heat too, and when you have no AC you need all the chill you can get.

Want even more tips? Greatist has 24 tips on how to survive without AC. We hope you’re able to stay as cool as you can and not lose your cool in the heat!