Childhood and adolescence are important times in a person’s life. Human development experts agree that a diversity of positive during these earlier years help a person to grow into a well-rounded, healthy adult.

Positive behaviors are developed out of four key beliefs that children develop:

Understanding that their decisions affect others. Part of learning to make good choices is learning that your choices have consequences and result in different outcomes.

Knowledge that they are competent and industrious. Children who are constantly learning new things, developing skills, and being successful will learn that they can contribute to activities and make a positive difference.

Feeling connected to others. If kids are too sheltered, they don’t have the opportunity to learn how they fit in the community and ways that they can contribute and be recognized as a valuable member. This type of feeling is most often expressed in how they make new friends.

A forming sense of identity. Children are just learning who they are and what they’re good at. Receiving positive feedback about area that they excel in can give them a sense of pride as well as a deeper sense of identity.

The American Camp Association surveyed 1,000 parents after their children returned home from camp. The top five outcomes parents felt their children received from camp were:

  1. My child felt successful at camp
  2. My child made new friends
  3. My child gained new skills
  4. Camp encouraged my child to get along better with others
  5. Camp helped my child have a better idea of what she or he is good at

In addition to the intangible benefits listed above, at the end of the summer kids also arrive back to school with a fresh outlook on the year, new friends, and a fitter, healthier body.

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