Middle school can be a particularly challenging time for kids. Eleven to 13 year-olds have a lot of changes going on. It can be an awkward time of physical, mental, and emotional development as children morph into adolescents. Camp can be really helpful during this time in a kid’s life for a number of reasons.

Preteens are figuring out what they’re good at, what they like, and from that building an identity. They may try out a number of different personas, focusing in on one thing and then the other to see what feels right. Material possessions, music, academics, hobbies, athletics, these are all things that help to shape a middle schooler’s identity. Camps like SportsTyme help a kid to try out new skills, learn what she or he is good at, and build that into the way they think of themselves and the identity they present to the world.

Middle school years can be difficult emotionally as well. Camp can be a safe place for kids to try out new things, fail, and try again. At SportsTyme, our coaches are promote a safe environment where teammates support each other, no laughing at or making fun of here.

Video games, TV, and the internet can quickly draw in kids. Camp offers an opportunity to “unplug,” be outside, and exercise, which is good for overall health as well as mental and emotional wellness.

Ready to get your middle schooler enrolled in camp? SportsTyme offers special rates if you register before May 1st. If you have any questions about our camp, check out our FAQs or feel free to contact us.