There’s been lot of rain all over Florida, and more is predicted. Although it might be tempting to just stay inside and avoid the rain, it can actually be beneficial and educational for you and your family with a little prep work. Here’s a few ways to enjoy and have some fun with rain. And next time, you won’t be getting the rainy day blues when you see the rain coming.

Make some rain art or music

When we think of leaving things out in the rain, we think of them getting ruined. But what if we actually intentionally left stuff out and turned into a work of art? That’s the concept behind Rainbow Rainy Day art. The post has instructions on how you can take an ordinary piece of drawn material, leave it in the rain, and create a beautiful work of art. It’s also a good way to learn about colors blending together. If art is not your thing, you can also leave pots and pans out to make some “rain music”.

Enjoy the scientific aspect

The environment changes in diverse ways when it rains, and it’s a good way to explore these differences. For instance, certain animals like ducks, frogs, and snails come out in the rain. If there is a pond nearby it’s a great way to see wildlife you might not normally see. You can also turn yourself in a homegrown weather man. Put a measuring cup outside and measure the rainfall. Keeping a nature journal is a great way to keep track of all these things.


There’s plenty of other ideas too for things to do in the rain. Whatever you decide, make sure you have proper rain gear so you can stay as dry as possible! And remember that all rain storms pass and soon it will be another sunny day.