During the school term, kids naturally focus on academics. Summer day camp gives kids the chance to practice physical skills in isolation, outside of school. Participating in sports teaches kids transferrable skills that will help  them to succeed during the school year. Win-win!

Perseverance. Learning a new sport requires perseverance, to understand the rules and build muscle memory. Practicing a known sport builds endurance and expertise. When a child learns the benefits of perseverance, she can apply the skill to other pursuits, such as math homework.

Discipline. Discipline goes alongside perseverance. Cultivating ways to stay focused and pursue specific and measurable goals is a skill onto itself.

Teamwork. Success in most sports depends on working together, a skill that nicely applies to group projects in the classroom and beyond. Soft skills such as teamwork are highly valued in the workplace and can never be learned too early.

Dealing with losing. Everyone can’t win all the time. Whether its a sports match, ranked test scores, or a promotion at work, dealing with loss is a part of life. Learning to deal with losing gracefully takes practice and can be learned through participating in sports. Occasionally losing a match also teaches kids that loss is temporary, that perseverance and teamwork can mean winning in the future.

Time management. Sometimes in sports, sacrifices must be made. Whether it’s the sacrifice of leisure time to practice and train or sacrificing some of your own time on the field so that a team member will get a chance to play, learning how to manage one’s time to best effect is definitely a skill that translate to school, work, and adult life.

If you’re ready to get your child prepared for the new school year with sports summer day camp now, register for SportsTyme. We have locations all over Central Florida, including Juniper, Heathrow, Oviedo, Wellington, and Winter Springs.