It’s been a wild ride this hockey season but the Stanley Cup is finally here and it’s down to two teams – Vegas Golden Knights and the Washington Capitals. No matter which team you are rooting for, both teams have impressive stories about how they got here, but can also serve as valuable lessons for us as well.

Go Knights Go!

It’s pretty impressive the Golden Knights made the playoffs this year, considering it is their first year as a team. They are what’s considered an expansion team, meaning they got to pick their list of players from other teams. Some people have called them a “ragtag team of misfits”. What’s impressive, though, is that everyone came together as a team to advance through the playoffs even though they had never all played together before this year. It’s important to remember that when playing sports, it’s really all about the team, and not just an individual player. If you work well with your teammates and play to each other’s strengths, you can accomplish incredible things.

All Caps

The Capitals, unlike the Knights, have been around for a lot longer. They are no stranger to playoffs, but they’ve still had to face a lot of adversity. They actually made it to the Stanley Cup once – where they were defeated by the Red Wings. In fact, they made it to the playoffs 12 more times, but never actaully advanced to the finals. But finally, here they are in 2018 back at the Stanley Cup. The Capitals can teach us that sometimes we can get close, but aren’t always victorious. But the important this is to keep playing and keep improving as a team.


Whether you are Knights or Caps fan, this will definitely be an exciting series. No matter who wins, we can appreciate the hard work that both teams have put in. And if the Stanley Cups have made you excited about hockey, don’t forget that we play floor hockey here too at SportsTyme as well as other great team sports that teach you how to work together.