As working people in the 21st Century, many of us rely on phones, tablets, and computers to get work done — both at the office and at home. Fast-paced jobs often require working outside of normal business hours, meaning kids see one or both parents spending a large amount of time on their devices. Emulating parents is one thing kids do best, and if your child has started spending a lot of time on computer, phone, or tablet, it may be time to switch it up.

Work is important and takes up a lot of time and energy — and for good reason. It’s the activity that provides for the family, puts food on the table and keeps the electricity on. Kids who spend a lot of time plugged in may miss out on a lot of valuable experiences exploring, creating, and imagining, though. One way to help kids unplug in the summer is to enroll them in summer day camp.

If they have a particular interest, you could go for a day camp related to, for example, horses, science experiments, or ping pong. Variety is interesting to many kids, though, and if it’s variety you’re looking for consider SportsTyme day camp in Central Florida. SportsTyme is secure and convenient, residing on the campus of 5 local schools. We shift activities throughout the day so campers have the opportunity to try new sports and enjoy old favorites.

Exercise, new friends, and a chance to unplug — these are things SportsTyme can offer your child this summer. Camps run for only 1 more week in 2017 but we’ll open again in June 2018 (register ear