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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sports do you offer?
Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Golf, Soccer, Archery, and much more! SportsTyme incorporates tons of sports every week, as well as other games and activities.

Q: Can I sign my child up for a single sport? Say Basketball?
No. SportsTyme has been around for over a decade and we quickly discovered that kids get bored playing the same sport day after day. We strive to keep summers exciting and fresh by stirring the pot with different sports each day. A lot of our campers discover they love a sport they’ve never played before!

Q: What is the schedule like? Can I see it beforehand?
At the start of each week the Camp Director creates schedules that strive to incorporate as many different sports and games as possible. Each schedule is tailored specifically for your child’s age group. Younger kids will not have the same activity list as older kids. At SportsTyme we’re adding new activities and games all the time, so with an ever-changing schedule, we don’t have them available for viewing beforehand. Rest assured though, your Camp Director is hard at work creating daily schedules that will maximize fun!

Q: What age groups attend SportsTyme?
SportsTyme houses two camps at one location. The Junior Varsity (5-8 year olds), and Varsity (9-13 year olds). These main groups are further divided into smaller age groups when engaging in activities.

Q: What if my child wants to be in a different age group to be with friends?
By default campers are placed with kids their own age, but your child can request to be placed in another group to be with a friend.

Q: What is SportsTyme’s camper-coach ratio?
A: No more than 15 campers are allowed per coach. If a group exceeds these numbers we either divide them or get help from an Assistant Coach. This ensures campers get the amount of attention they need to grasp the fundamentals of any given sport.

Q: Who are the coaches?
A: SportsTyme hires its coaches only after a thorough background check. Our recruits consist of teachers and people with solid childcare/coaching backgrounds. We are fully insured and coaches are First Aid/CPR certified.

Q: It gets hot during the summer! Won’t my kid be burnt to a crisp by the end of the day?
A: Florida summers are notoriously hot, and we have planned accordingly; each activity rotates indoors and outdoors. For example: 30 minutes spent outside learning Archery is followed by 30 minutes indoors playing Floor Hockey. Campers do not spend any more than 30 minutes at a time outdoors; even so, we recommend plenty of sunscreen. The only exception to our “30 minute rule” is WATER DAY.

Q: What is WATER DAY?
A: FUN! One day a week campers spend half the day getting wet on our water slides.

Q: Do you take field trips?
A: Absolutely not. Field trips not only invite extra costs for you, but it takes campers away from the safety of our campus location. Parents are happy to know we stay on campus at all times.

Q: Is this camp church-affiliated?
A: No. SportsTyme was founded and is operated by Christian staff, but we are not sponsored by any church or group. SportsTyme is a sports camp with a strong Christian background, which is the foundation for our daily devotional and team building exercises. Campers are taught importance of honesty, humility, compassion, and good sportsmanship.

Q: What is the cost of registration?
Cost of registration varies depending on the how early you sign up at your respective camp location. Visit our Overview & Fees page to learn more.

Q: How can I register?
Space is limited. You can register online or by phone today.