Host SportsTyme At Your School

What would it be like hosting SportsTyme at your school? Click below to find out.


Earn revenue for your school during the dormant summer months.

Generate buzz in the community through an all-inclusive summer camp.

SportsTyme loves to hire local teachers. Your teachers get first priority when applying to work at our program.

How It Works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. SportsTyme surveys your school facilities to see if we would make a good fit.
  2. When summer break starts, we turn your empty activity space into SportsTyme Summer Camp by enrolling kids from all over the county.
  3. Your school makes money. No hassle. No headaches. SportsTyme has been leasing schools (public and private) for nearly two decades. Feel free to contact us for a list of references.

Is Your School Ready To Host SportsTyme?