If you attended summer camp as a child, the benefits of camp probably don’t come as surprise to you. Memories from your camp days may stand out as some of your most exciting and adventurous childhood experiences.

If you didn’t go to camp as a kid, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about.  It may not be obvious from the outside how beneficial the camp experience can be for kids of all ages. To start off our blog on the right foot, SportsTyme would like to share some of the biggest benefits of summer camp for kids. It’s why we do what we do.

Build new skills. Camps inspire children to try new things, build physical and interpersonal skills, and expand their horizons. At SportsTyme, we organize different sports every day so campers can experience new activities while enjoying their old favorites. Trying things that are new, and maybe even a little scary, build kids’ resiliency, confidence, and independence.

Time away from electronics. When kids take a break from screens, both big and small, they re-connect with other people, the world around them, and their own thoughts and emotions. Camp provides a meaningful outlet for kids to express their creativity and true selves without the use of a keyboard.

Unstructured play. School provides necessary structure for kids during the year, but unstructured play time can be just as important. Camps can help children to try out new aspects of their personalities, form new friendships, and become competent problem solvers, skills that will extend long after school is back in session.

Make new friends. Camp is an opportunity for kids to shake off the stereotypes they may have developed at school and start fresh. The opportunity to meet other people their age in a new setting encourages character-building and interpersonal skills. Some of the best friendships are forged at summer camps!

SportsTyme summer camps provide all of the benefits listed here and more. We have 5 locations across Central Florida, including Heathrow, Jupiter, Oviedo, Wellington, and Winter Springs. For more information or to register your child for this summer, contact SportsTyme.