It’s clear that for many kids, sports are a source of excitement and enjoyment. But, have you ever thought about the many ways that children benefit from participating in team sports? The benefits are trifold, affecting a child’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Physical benefits 

The physical benefits of team sports are the most obvious. As today’s generation of children battle obesity and the siren’s call of video games, television, and smartphones, involvement in team sports is a fun and interesting way to burn calories and stay active. Regular exercise promotes healthy lifestyle habits, strengthens immunity, and builds dexterity.

Mental benefits

There are also mental benefits to team sports. Participation in sports over summer break can help kids during the school year. Sports teach skills such as time management, discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. Sports also help to put winning and losing into perspective and team sports teach kids the value of other individual’s contributions toward a shared goal.

Emotional benefits

Developing skills in sports builds confidence and self-awareness. Team sports help kids build emotional bonds with their teammates, teaching valuable social skills. Respect is earned through perseverance and hard work, both for oneself, teammates, and coaches.

An added benefit of playing team sports is the affect it may have on your family. Kids who are interested in sports are likely to bring their love of the game home to teach siblings and parents. Practicing skills or playing a match with kids is a great opportunity for quality family time.

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