There are many benefits of summer camp. Kids have the opportunity to learn new hard skills, build confidence and problem solving capabilities, and form relationships outside of school. For any parent who went to camp as a child, chances are you remember it as a fun and exhilarating time. Choosing the right camp for your child can be tricky. Overnight camps are good for some, but availability, cost, and transportation are issues. An alternative to overnight camps are day camps. Day camps offer all of the skill and relationship-building benefits of overnight camp but with less overhead.

Day camps are especially good for young children who haven’t spent a lot of time away from home. It teaches them to cope with new temporary situations and helps them to build independence. Older kids will enjoy expressing the independence that they feel like they so desperately want — parents appreciate that it’s in a safe place.

Include your child in the camp choosing process as much as possible. Talk to them about what they want out of the summer and express your expectations for them. Balance what your kids already like doing with skills that you know they need to work on. Sports day camp is an easy choice. Most kids love sports and water fun, or at least want to build the skills so they can impress their friends and excel during the school year.

Research the camp ahead of time to ensure that the camp is legitimate, that their staff have background checks, and that the location is secure. SportsTyme coaches all undergo a thorough background check and have teaching and coaching backgrounds, so you know your kids will be safe and well cared for.