The Impact of Camp on Kids

You may have chosen a summer day camp out of necessity because your kid is out of school and you need to work. As we've reviewed in this blog, though, there are many benefits to camp that your child can experience. You can see the impact of camp on your child in several different ways. Maturity [...]

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Day Camp Promotes Family Bonding

There are many benefits to summer day camp. Kids have the opportunity to explore new activities, build skills, forge friendships, and gain self confidence. With a camp like SportsTyme in Central Florida, kids play a wide variety of sports every day, allowing them to test out new activities and see what suits their talents and [...]

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Making New Friends through Camp

The summer is a long time to be home alone or with one's older siblings. A summer day camp is a great way to give kids an opportunity to try new things, build skills, and gain strength. It can be tempting to send kids to the same camp as their best friends. Attending the same [...]

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How High Schoolers Benefit from Camp

We've been discussing why camp can be a great experience for elementary and middle school aged youngsters. If you've got older kids, you may be wondering what's in it for them. The benefits of camp don't have to stop when you're too old to attend (and some camps do extend up through high school), but [...]

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Why Middle Schoolers Excel at Camp

Middle school can be a particularly challenging time for kids. Eleven to 13 year-olds have a lot of changes going on. It can be an awkward time of physical, mental, and emotional development as children morph into adolescents. Camp can be really helpful during this time in a kid's life for a number of reasons. [...]

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Why Camp is Great for Your Elementary Schooler

Happy New Year! At SportsTyme in Central Florida, we're optimistic about 2017 and excited to share lots of tips and facts with you here on our blog. With this New Year, we're kicking off a 3-part series about the benefits of camp for 3 different age groups: Elementary, middle, and high schoolers. Our hope is [...]

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Building Problem Solving Skills in Kids

Problem solving skills come into play in a variety of settings and situations. In school, problem solving can be literal, figuring out the solution to problems a teacher gives. Outside of the classroom, problem solving skills can be built and utilized in interpersonal relationships and extracurricular activities like sports. In fact, participating in sports can [...]

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Helping Kids to Become Leaders

Leadership is a powerful skill that can help children succeed in school as well as later in life in their jobs. Being a leader doesn't necessarily mean being the CEO. No matter what position or occupation your child chooses in life, she can exhibit the characteristics of a leader. There are many characteristics of good leaders: Courage, [...]

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Character Development through Sports

Character, integrity, moral fiber, no matter what you call it, it's a beneficial characteristic for all people. Character is defined as a person's mental and moral qualities, but it goes even a bit deeper than that. Character is the ability to choose a path, even when it's more difficult, scarier, or may lose you an advantage over someone else. Choosing [...]

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Identifying Talented Youngsters Through Sports

Talent is a complex cocktail of genetics and training, nature and nurture. As a parent, it's tempting to push kids to excel in sports and focus early on one sport year-round. There are reasons why sport diversification is good for kids, though. One reason is that playing the same sport year-round can overuse the same [...]

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